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How much do I have to freelance so I can fund myself whilst traveling?

I’ve been travelling for three-and-a-bit months in total, and have been fortunate enough to have visited Australia, Bali, Vietnam, Singapore and currently I’m in Malaysia. Freelancing isn’t something I openly talk about when I’m traveling because a) you’re too busy enjoying yourself and b) I never thought people would care

90 days of travel: what it has taught me

Today marks exactly three months since I left the UK to go and travel the world. Since then I’ve visited Australia, Bali and Vietnam (all for one month each) and I fly to Singapore tomorrow. I’ve wanted to do a RTW trip for a while, so waking up this morning

Managing time zones whilst being a freelancer

Freelancing overall has been a rewarding and non-invasive partner to my travels. Unlike a full time office job, I’ve had the luxury of working pretty much anywhere in the world, which on paper is great but still has its challenges. I wanted to share for anyone looking to step in

Traveling, learning and running your own business

I’ve been travelling for two and a half months now, and it’s been full of amazing and also challenging times. From wanting to fly home when I got to Australia, to swimming with turtles in Bali, to now drinking 19p beers in Vietnam… I feel very lucky being able to

Bali, Bali, Bali!

It’s coming to the end of my one month trip to Bali and I can confirm that it is a place that exceeded all of my expectations. In all honesty, I treated it as half holiday, half work as I met some brilliant people along the way as well as

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