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5 Reasons Why Your Blogs Are Failing

Blogs and articles are two of the most common things I’m asked to do, and if I’m being really honest (because I don’t want to lie to you, ok?) half the time people haven’t got a clue why they’re doing blogs or articles in the first place. Before they know

Reflecting On 2020 And Looking To The Future

I wanted to take some time to write this piece for two reasons. I genuinely didn’t have any time to write this and give it the thought it deserved 2. Although I write personal pieces all the time over on Medium, I tend to focus on imminent topics rather than

5 questions to ask yourself before hiring a freelance writer

Before I became a full time freelance writer, I “side hustled” with it for the most part of 8 years. During that time frame I’ve worked with some very interesting characters, who have taught me valuable lessons. A lot of clients I’ve worked with have never used a freelance writer

Building a personal brand

Building a personal brand takes time, and has to be authentic. That’s what makes it so difficult. A lot of people who are looking to build an online presence are looking to do it overnight, and if they don’t see an instant return then they become discouraged and stop doing

Recruiters, your clients don’t care how many likes you get

Working with recruiters on a daily basis gives me the opportunity to still be involved in the day to day world, without having to do the job myself. There’s a lot of peacocking in recruitment; who has the highest deal value, billings, number of contractors out etc. We’ve all done

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