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3 types of content you can send to a client in recruitment

When working in recruitment, it’s important to diversify your approach. No one likes the person that endlessly cold calls and annoys gatekeepers, and no one likes the person who avoids getting on the phone and e-mailing all day. You need to have balance. People buy from people, but in a

What is an e-mail sequence and should I be using one as a recruiter/salesperson?

Being in a sales job right now isn’t easy. Going out to meet clients is completely off the table, and right now I’d argue and say that the cold call is going to be “dead” until lockdown is lifted. Trying to generate business during a global pandemic was never going

Freelancing during Covid-19: Bringing solutions and winning business

Coronavirus is affecting millions of freelancers across the world, and if you fall in to the category of being unable to claim self-employment benefits to help you, I really feel your pain as I’m in that boat too. The virus is claiming lives, businesses and the ability to go to

5 ways to build your credibility as a freelance writer

Starting out freelancing definitely isn’t easy, and building a successful career being self employed heavily relies on your credibility and ability to win clients. Here are 5 ways to build your credibility as a freelancer!

5 ways to generate income as a freelance writer

A huge part of being a successful freelancer is constantly hustling for projects. I guess there are a lot of similarities to being in a sales job as there is always a level of uncertainty (for me especially being in my early days) on the stability of your income. Here

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