3 types of content you can send to a client in recruitment

When working in recruitment, it’s important to diversify your approach. No one likes the person that endlessly cold calls and annoys gatekeepers, and no one likes the person who avoids getting on the phone and e-mailing all day. You need to have balance.

People buy from people, but in a competitive landscape it won’t just be your personality that helps along the placement, it’ll be the value that you add along the way.

A lot of people assume that content = posting on LinkedIn, which some may be reluctant to do. Whether it’s a confidence issue, or you simply aren’t prioritising posting on LinkedIn at the moment – that’s fine.

Content can also be shared directly to people, and although this won’t build your wider personal brand – it’s going to help you be more targeted and get yourself in the habit of sharing valuable content with the clients you want to work with.

  1. Podcasts: There are a ton of podcasts out there with interesting topics and learnings that are worth sharing with your prospect. The more specific – the better. Think about what that person has been sharing on LinkedIn, or if you’ve spoken on the phone before – pain points they’ve mentioned. Sales is about problem solving, so if you have listened to a podcast that you think can help them, send it over.
  2. Blog/News stories: And no, I don’t mean an article from The Sun which will add no value whatsoever. As a salesperson you should be reading and engaging with content that is going to position you as an expert in your market. For example, as a recruiter you should have your ear to the ground constantly to get as much market information as possible. If it’s worth sharing – then do so.
  3. Research/Whitepapers: Salary surveys, market insights, research material and employee engagement. Those are just some of the topics that decision makers need to know about, and if your competitor is feeding them useful information that will make them more credible – who do you think they’re going to pick?

In summary, diversify your approach. These are three very simple types of content which will differentiate you from others. As important as it is to focus on speculative CVs, cold calls* and the day to day running of your desk, it’s also crucial to think about the long-term impact of providing potential clients with value.

*If you hate the idea of e-mail, why not summarise the content for your client on the phone. If they mention a pain point, being able to back it up with more than just your opinion is important.

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