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I won’t bore you with my permanent and freelance experience, so you can visit my LinkedIn here or my portfolio if that’s what you’re looking for. Click my FAQ if you have any questions about my rates or capabilities. 

Without sounding like a cliché, I’ve loved writing ever since I was a teenager. Diaries, short stories – you name it, I wrote it. I decided at 14 that I wanted to be a writer in some capacity, and it crushed my parent’s very far-fetched dream of their daughter becoming a lawyer.

I started freelancing when I was 15, contributing to publications and trying to “make it” as a fashion journalist. I vividly remember receiving an angry message from a Parisian designer at 18 after reading one of my pieces, and realised that maybe my cut-throat style would land me on a hit list…

I studied a BA Hons in Journalism, along with an extensive NCTJ qualification, but after my second year of university I decided that fashion journalism, and journalism of any kind was in essence pretty negative, and I preferred not to contribute to an industry that didn’t align with my values.

After graduation I’d dabbled in freelancing for a while, but needed money quickly so left my graduate Marketing role and landed myself in the world of recruitment. 

After three and a half years in the world of recruitment I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the commercial world, networking with senior individuals, as well as managing a team of 3 people at 22. I realised that I was writing every day, and the “itch” to freelance again came soon after my 24th birthday.

I guess that leads me up to now – two birthdays, one pandemic later, and being able to travel the world again, I’ve chosen the “nomadic” lifestyle whilst still pursuing my passion.

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