Pro Bono

Although we’re told “nothing in life comes for free”, I believe that being self-employed comes with its own privilege of free time, and the opportunity to have complete creative agency over how you spend your time.

When I started my freelance journey, I wanted to be true to my values, whilst still being able to earn a comfortable living.

Pro bono work is something that is only available to registered charities/not for profits in the UK, and it’s my way of giving back, staying grounded and connecting with passion projects.

Each Pro bono client will be looked at on a case by case basis, and I’ll be supporting these organisations because I truly believe in their mission.

Everybody should be able to have access to great writing, right?

Please email me directly if you require pro bono support on: to enquire.

Some of my Pro Bono work

I have been supporting Saint Francis Hospice since December 2020 on a Pro Bono basis for feature stories for their local paper as well as for their blog. You can see some samples below.

250 Miles for St Francis Hospice

Student Zack completes charity challenge for hospice in grandmother’s memory:

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