90 days of travel: what it has taught me

Today marks exactly three months since I left the UK to go and travel the world. Since then I’ve visited Australia, Bali and Vietnam (all for one month each) and I fly to Singapore tomorrow. I’ve wanted to do a RTW trip for a while, so waking up this morning and realising it has been 90 days already was something that at the beginning I never thought I would have achieved.

If you are thinking of stripping back to basics and living out of a rucksack, here are three things that I’ve learnt whilst being away for three months.

  1. I’m now grateful for what I have at home: I used to constantly compete with myself to have more of everything: money, clothes, the best of everything. Meeting people from all over the world, staying in home-stays and living in various hostels has made me realise how lucky I am to have the life I do at home. It’s not glamorous like I probably wanted it to be a couple of years ago, but it’s enough for me.
  2. You don’t need all that stuff: My rucksack weighs way too much. I don’t even wear half the stuff in it. The only reason I’m carrying it is because I’m too attached to half the items to let go yet…Packing light is something I wish I had done.
  3. There are nicer people in the world: Maybe it’s because I’m backpacking, or maybe it’s because English people are miserable, but I always had a worry in the back of my mind that I’d meet no one nice. I couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve met genuine, caring, funny people from all over the world who are good to the core. There was always a niggling feeling that something bad would happen to me whilst being away, but I’ve only met two nasty people in three months. That’s something I can deal with for sure.

Here’s to the next three!

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