Bali, Bali, Bali!

It’s coming to the end of my one month trip to Bali and I can confirm that it is a place that exceeded all of my expectations.

In all honesty, I treated it as half holiday, half work as I met some brilliant people along the way as well as having my boyfriend fly out to visit. The last few days I haven’t really touched my laptop and I feel happy that I had some time to switch off and not worry about winning projects or delivering on work.

Financially it hasn’t been that detrimental as Bali isn’t expensive, but I’ll have to focus a lot more whilst in Vietnam to get back in to the groove of doing work each morning and earning money. With this being said, I feel incredibly lucky that I got to spend the first two weeks with my best friend, and then the next two with my boyfriend.

About a week in to the trip, I unfortunately had a big set back that put me off doing work and taking my laptop out in front of people, which was having a lot of my stuff stolen from someone sleeping in the same room as me at a hostel in Canggu.

Luckily this individual hadn’t seen my laptop and other essentials I brought out with me to work, but I had makeup, all my jewellery, clothes, money, perfume plus a few other things taken from my bag. It made me really distrusting of people which isn’t what traveling should be about, and luckily the jewellery was cheap and all the things stolen can be replaced.

I guess it’s more the principle and it made me really hasty to tell people I was working and traveling. It’s not ruined my trip by any means but it’s made me aware that even if you are in a hostel with other travellers, there’s still the chance you can be robbed by someone in your room. I think there’s a misconception (especially from me when I first came away) that hostels aren’t secure, but I personally find them very safe.

Without sounding cringe, I do believe things like this happen for a reason, as all I could think about is how gutted I would be if my laptop had been taken and I had no way of freelancing. I would have had to fly home without any extra income or means to run my business.

I’m just thankful that in two days I get to fly to Vietnam and experience another beautiful country, whilst having travelled a lot of Bali in the last month!

I’ll share some recommendations in another blog.



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